Brian J. Smith, Psy.D.

Licensed Psychologist

Welcome! Life presents its share of challenges to us all, and we all can benefit from extra support at various times in our lives. In the midst of our struggles, both asking for help and finding the right therapist can feel daunting and overwhelming. 

Finding someone whom you can trust and with whom you can feel comfortable is essential to your therapeutic experience being successful. I understand that there are often concerns that arise when searching for a therapist: Will they really understand what I am going through? Will I be able to trust them and open up to them? Will they be able to understand and value my faith?

I understand that therapy may be a new experience for you and strive to create a welcoming, non-judgmental, grace-filled and safe environment. My goal is to help you to grow and change with compassionate yet challenging solution-based counseling . Whether you are feeling overwhelmed by certain emotions (such as anxiety or depression) or behaviors that you or a loved one is experiencing, looking for help to change relationship patterns, or seeking to grow in a certain area, my training and experience have equipped me to help you. 

I value the faith of all my clients, across religious traditions. I am comfortable talking with you about your faith and the role it plays in your life. I strive to integrate faith with psychological principles and collaborate with you to strike the right balance for you between the two in therapy. When clients are Christian, I am happy to incorporate the Bible and Christian beliefs. 

I view psychotherapy not only as intervention, but also as prevention of the development of future problems through improved self-understanding and skill-building. The interpersonal nature of therapy creates a great opportunity for you to gain insight into yourself as an individual who is shaped in the context of relationships and to develop the ability to live life to the fullest outside of therapy. I find great fulfillment in walking alongside adults, couples, families, college students, teenagers, and children during their time of need and in aiding them in reaching the change they seek in their lives.

In particular, I have a strong passion for helping couples (i.e., dating, pre-marital/engaged, and married) to grow in intimacy and the ability to successfully navigate challenges as they arise. I am trained in administering the Prepare-Enrich Couples Relationship Assessment, and at times utilize this as a tool to identify strengths and growth areas in your relationship. Couples therapy is then tailored to your areas of growth and concerns.

I feel that it is a tremendous privilege to be allowed into the inner workings of your life and in turn, honor that trust with humility, respect, and a readiness to meet you where you are as you begin therapy. Clients often report that they find it easy to feel comfortable around me and enjoy my warm, thoughtful and caring nature, as well as my sense of humor. 

I look forward to hearing from you and am happy to offer prior to meeting to answer any questions you may have.